Lengthonomics: A Key Factor in Keeping Airport Costs Down and Security Up

NewsIndustry NewsLengthonomics: A Key Factor in Keeping Airport Costs Down and Security Up
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  • 01.17.2023

A Special Report from AviationPros

Lengthonomics: A Key Factor in Keeping Airport Costs Down and Security Up

With a post-pandemic surge in air travel, airports are as busy as ever. In a Special Report published by AviationPros, David Coleman of Paige explains an important way airports can help tackle operational challenges, and help upgrade infrastructure to support advanced security systems. The article discusses the importance of considering "lengthonomics," and how the careful planning of cable length and deployment can help improve airport security, while keeping costs down.

For professionals in airport security, this is no doubt an important topic – but even if you’re not involved in airports, you may still want to read this. If you are a Security Director or a Systems Integrator, you may find the principles of lengthonomics apply to many kinds of applications.   Whether it is a shopping mall, a rail facility, a large warehouse – or literally any facility where connectivity needs to extend long distances – it may benefit to factor lengthonomics into your decisions.  

Read the AviationPros Special Report here - https://www.aviationpros.com/aviation-security/video-surveillance/article/21288633/lengthonomics-a-key-factor-in-keeping-airport-costs-down-and-security-up

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David Coleman joined the Paige team in 2016 and serves at the VP, Datacom & Marketing. David brings to Paige over 20 years of management experience since his beginnings at Genesis Cable Systems.
David Coleman
VP of Datacom & Marketing
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