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  • 01.31.2023

Right Sizing Your Pathways—From Tray to Conduit

The blog post describes the requirements and recommendations for the sizing of pathways for communications cabling, as specified by industry codes and standards such as the National Electric Code (NEC) and the TIA-569 standard. The post explains that proper sizing of pathways is crucial to the performance and future-proofing of a cable plant and covers the 2...
  • Technology News
  • 11.16.2021

There Is a Hole in the Boat: Why Access Control Professionals Need to Move From Wiegand to OSDP

Many of the people reading this publication are, presumably, security professionals who take pride in leveraging their expertise to use technology to...
  • Technology News
  • 07.10.2020

Essential Cable Planning for Healthcare Facilities

When COVID-19 emerged, the entire country learned the true meaning of “essential work.”  “Healthcare” instantly rose to the top as the most essential...
  • Technology News
  • 05.22.2019

But what about Coax?

What about Coax? This question comes up often when we discuss GameChanger cabling for CCTV video distribution. In fact, the comparison between twisted...
  • Technology News
  • 01.10.2019

Testing RFC 2544 and GameChanger

The document identifying the test parameters from IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) is designed to stop what they call “specmanship” from vendors...
  • Technology News
  • 06.04.2018

Lengthonomics at 1006' with no repeaters. Yes, really!

As more and more companies are learning the value (and savings) of lengthonomics, Code Blue has mastered the savings with GameChanger and their CB 5-s...
  • Technology News
  • 05.08.2018


Lengthonomics and the Benefits of Reach Top of rack switching brought about shorter length system interconnect cables to connect servers in the same r...

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