Lengthonomics at 1006' with no repeaters. Yes, really!

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  • 06.04.2018

As more and more companies are learning the value (and savings) of lengthonomics, Code Blue has mastered the savings with GameChanger and their CB 5-s unit, and VoiP phones. With 802.3af PoE (Power over Ethernet) the channel distance achieved was the full 1000' reel plus 3' patch cables at each end for an overall channel length of 1006'. Code Blue is a manufacturer of security devices including incident response, emergency signaling, help points, and systems management all in an open format enhancing interoperability with other systems. The CB 5-s is an economical pedestal Help Point highlighted by a high intensity LED beacon/strobe light that provides exceptional visibility and acts as a deterrent to potential crime. This blue light emergency tower provides direct communication with first responders and can extend security efforts to walkways, parking lots, open campus areas and more. According to the Code Blue Tech team,

"We hooked it all up and used our CB 5-s unit with your cable and it works great. Overall distance is 1006' connected to a 802.3af switch. The cable runs into a PoE splitter in our unit. The splitter then is powering our blue light, our faceplate light, and our IP5000 speakerphone. This is a nice product."

Adding GameChanger to a CodeBlue install provides significant savings over having to install IDFs or harsh environment-friendly power sources every 100m as the GameChanger channels in this application supports 3x the standard distance with these CodeBlue devices. With a variety of products that operate in building perimeter and outside locations like parking lots, having a cable that can carry the signal to farther locations is particularly attractive for more than just economic reasons. Any time you eliminate an intermediate point of failure, you decrease the risk of a device going down or being tampered with by those that would benefit from it going down. With security applications, this is intrinsically desired and allows installers to provide savings to their customers for more competitive bids.

To understand more about the CodeBlue portfolio of products, a short description of their main product lines follow. Help points provide a means for the public to access emergency services in places like parking lots, walkways, public retail areas, parks, etc. These points can be either an intercom, phone, hot button, or some combination as they are highly customizable for mounting, camera integrations, and other options. CodeBlue's Emergency signaling is more than just an intercom as the solutions are full duplex allowing first responders to interact with those generating the signal or within a building and the devices interact with objects such as triggering flashing lights, opening AED doors and integrating with access control devices and can be equipped with bezels, buttons, keypads and have a variety of mounting options in a variety of sizes. All of these are supported by a system interface solution that also acts as a gateway between analog and VoiP and can interface with incidence response systems.

To learn more about Paige's two-time award winning GameChanger cable, part of our complete line of intelligent building and data center products, visit https://paigedatacom.com/gamechanger, or contact your friendly Paige sales person. More information on the awards (CI&M Platinum Innovators Award and ISC West, Best in Video Surveillance Accessories) can be found on our blog.

About Code Blue Corporation: Safety has always been the No. 1 priority for Code Blue Corporation (www.codeblue.com). Located in Holland, Michigan, the industry pioneering manufacturer of emergency communication solutions provides assistance to people by handcrafting products that are reliable and accessible. From our iconic blue light phone pedestals to our award-winning software, we help people feel safe by offering durable and visible security solutions that provide help at the touch of a button, while assisting first responders before, during and after an incident with a complete end-to-end system that utilizes alerting, managing, archiving and responding technology.

Carrie (Higbie) Goetz has been involved in the computing and networking industries for over 30 years. Carrie currently works as the Principal/CTO of StrategITcom. She has a broad background in all aspects of IT as a programmer, consultant, project manager, and Fortune 500 executive running IT departments and data centers with multi-million dollar budgets, and has taught at a collegiate level. Carrie has designed data centers for enterprise, colocation, hosting and cloud facilities. She is globally published with articles in 67 countries. She is a featured keynote speaker at various international industry events, end user education forums and conferences. She holds an RCDD/NTS, CDCP, CDCS and has held 41 certifications in the industry throughout the years. She has one telecommunications patent.
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