Simple. Reliable. Monitored.

If extending your security system outdoors isn't all of the above, let's talk.


US Patent Numbers: 10,608,396, 9,595,176, 9,640,051

Protect Outdoor Assets with Perimaguard™

Businesses that keep assets outdoors are subject to greater loss, and securing these assets is problematic. Often times you see these assets being locked up with a chain, or moved indoors after hours. Perimaguard Asset Protection Cables offer a smarter, easier solution to this problem.

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Designed to be easy

Easy and low cost to adopt. Easy and low tech to setup. Easy to scale up. Easily works with any existing security system.

Proven Track Record

Perimaguard has been in the field for over 15 years, and our R&D has been done in conjunction with the Loss Prevention Research Counsel has lead to the latest (fourth) generation of products we know you'll love.

A Smarter Solution

Create new benefits for existing security systems and reduce service calls all while providing a better solution to today's acute problems.

What you need to know about Perimaguard AP Solutions

Almost everything you need to know about Perimaguard Asset Protection Solutions in two minutes!

Perimaguard™ Asset Protection Cables

Perimaguard™ Asset Protection Cables are designed to be connected to form a secure, monitored circuit. When the cables [circuit] are disconnected [open] the alarm system will fault, similar to door contact.

Perimaguard™ Asset Protection Cables come in 15 foot lengths. Connecting them together is easy - just line up the arrows on the male and female connectors.

Perimaguard™ Asset Protection Cables are built to last. The connection is watertight and the jacketing can stand up to the constant handling that comes with the territory.

Part Numbers:

  • 259021607 - Single 15 foot Perimaguard™ Asset Protection Cable
  • 259031607 - Five Pack of 15 foot Perimaguard™ Asset Protection Cables

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"I save my company $45,000,000 annually with the Perimaguard™ Asset Protection system from Paige."

- Eddie Foley , Director of Loss Prevention, Investigations and Operations

Perimaguard™ Wireless Asset Protection Cable

All the benefits of the hardwired system PLUS:

  • Reduced installation costs
  • Moves with your inventory/assets
  • Add up to 17 Perimaguard™ Cables to protect as much as 270 feet in a single loop.
  • Wireless receiver powered by inovonics works with virtually every panel on the market

Part Numbers:

  • 259041607 - Single Perimaguard™ Wireless Asset Protection Cable (includes 15 feet of Perimaguard™ Cable)
  • 259051604 - Cold Weather Package (for sub-zero applications)

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Perimaguard™ Asset Protection Loop

Need a smarter way of protecting your gates and overhead doors? We’ve gotcha covered. Reliably protecting your gates with a monitored system means knowing the difference between unauthorized access and the regular movement of a gate in the wind. The Perimaguard™ Asset Protection Loop is quick to install and easy to use - offering a hassle free extension of your security system. If you need a reliable extension of your security system to protect your gate, the Asset Protection Loop is for you!

Part Numbers:

  • 259011606 - Single Perimaguard™ Asset Protection Loop with a 10 foot whip

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Flexible Solutions

Nobody knows your customer better than you. When it comes to solving their problems, you simply need the right tools for the job. The Perimaguard solutions from Paige are the flexible, reliable and easy tools that allow your creativity shine.

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Excellence and Responsibility

Paige has earned ISO 9001:2015 certification for its factories in Columbus, NE and Silao, Mexico. We are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and continual improvement, while embracing sustainability practices.

You can view our latest ISO Certificates here.