A Creative Solution to Warehouse MultiGigabit Wi-Fi

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  • 07.29.2020


A Creative Solution to Warehouse Wi-Fi Connectivity


When installing a Multigigabit Wi-Fi system in a large facility like a warehouse, how can you run the Ethernet cabling long enough to provide proper connectivity and PoE to the Wireless Access Points (WAP), without additional IDFs, boosters or extenders? In this video, you will see how Creative Security Solutions of Piscataway, NJ simplified the design of this 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi deployment.

These days, wireless and mobile technologies like Wi-Fi 6 and 802.11ac Wave 2 have revolutionized how warehouse’s function. Their efficiency and productivity now often hinge on having a robust and reliable wireless infrastructure. The installation needs to satisfy the expectation, today and in the future - of multigigabit speed – without dead zones and constant disconnections of the multitude of wireless devices that keep a modern warehouse operation going strong. 

It remains a fact that the wireless Internet in a facility like a large warehouse depends on extended cable runs to provide the power and the connectivity to the network backbone. In situations like these, installers and end users have normally had to make compromises like:

  • allocating precious square footage for IDFs or MDFs (instead of warehouse rack space)
  • installing boosters/extenders up in the ceiling where servicing those devices requires renting a scissors lift (expensive, time consuming, etc.)

On this video, you will see how Creative Security Solutions very much lived up to its name and found a solution to this challenge – running cable an extended distance from “Point A to Point B” to implement Multi-Gig Wi-Fi across a massive warehouse space - with “no extra equipment” and “no extra costs.”

Hint: It is a GameChanger!

For more information on how the explosion in wireless technology and Wi-Fi is driving the future of network connectivity and infrastructure, be sure to read this previous blog post by Carol Oliver.

David Coleman joined the Paige team in 2016 as the Senior Vice President, Business Development for Paige DataCom Solutions and our parent company Paige. David brings to Paige over 15 years of management experience since his beginnings at Genesis Cable Systems.
David Coleman
VP of Business Development


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